Strike King Lures – Crankbaits – Square Bill Silent – KVD 2.5 (HCKVDS2.5)


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HCKVDS2.5-46 - 051034244090Green Pumpkin Craw5/8oz$6.0918 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-622 - 051034210262Bluegill5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-108 - 051034244083Blue Craw5/8oz$6.093 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-648 - 051034214666Chili Craw5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-447 - 051034244106Brown Craw5/8oz$6.094 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-649 - 051034214673Red Sexy Shad5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-450 - 051034237030Delta Red5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-650 - 051034219326Chartreuse Perch5/8oz$6.093 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-451 - 051034239492Sam Rayburn Red Craw5/8oz$6.093 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-651 - 051034219333Neon Bluegill5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-453 - 051034246520Olive Shad5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-652 - 051034216431Summer Sexy Shad5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-462 - 051034246537Sugar Daddy5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-663 - 051034216417Natural Bream5/8oz$6.0910 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-464 - 051034246544Phantom Perch5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-667 - 051034219586DB Craw5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-467 - 051034252132Bully5/8oz$6.094 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-680 - 051034224030Yellow Perch5/8oz$6.093 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-468 - 051034252149Phantom Watermelon Red Craw5/8oz$6.0910 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-684 - 051034224047Clearwater Minnow5/8oz$6.095 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-469 - 051034252156TN Shad 2.05/8oz$6.094 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-697 - 051034229271Orange Bream5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-476 - 051034252163Chartreuse Blue Black Splatterback5/8oz$6.094 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-699 - 051034229288Natural Shad5/8oz$6.0920+ In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-477 - 051034252170The Shizzle5/8oz$6.096 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-706 - 051034246605Wicked5/8oz$6.098 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-500 - 051034212730Clear Ghost Sexy Shad5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-707 - 051034252187Wicked Firetiger5/8oz$6.0917 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-511 - 051034210231Gizzard Shad5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-U - 051034241228Nude5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-513 - 051034207415Fire Tiger5/8oz$6.0916 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-514 - 051034214659Chrome Sexy Shad5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-517 - 051034207422TN Shad5/8oz$6.096 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-526 - 051034207439Sexy Sunfish5/8oz$6.09Out of StockOut of Stock
HCKVDS2.5-534 - 051034212679Citrus Shad5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-535 - 051034207446Black Back Chartreuse5/8oz$6.097 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-538 - 051034210248Chartreuse Sexy Shad5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-554 - 051034246551Sunrise Sexy Shad$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-561 - 051034235166Powder Blue Back Chartreuse5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-564 - 051034207453Org Belly Craw5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-568 - 051034207460Green Gizzard Shad5/8oz$6.091 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-569 - 051034235173Green Tomato5/8oz$6.0918 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-584 - 051034246568Oyster5/8oz$6.095 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-585 - 051034207309Sexy Ghost Minnow5/8oz$6.098 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-586 - 051034207316Sexy Blue Back Herring5/8oz$6.097 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-590 - 051034210255Sexy Shad5/8oz$6.099 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-598 - 051034207477Chartreuse Shad5/8oz$6.094 In Stock
HCKVDS2.5-620 - 051034212686Gold Sexy Shad5/8oz$6.096 In Stock
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