Rat-L-Trap Crankbait Lipless Rattle – 1/2oz – 3 Inch (RT)


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RT05 - 051875120058SMOKEY JOE3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT558 - 051875125589DELTA CRAW3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT06 - 051875120065BONE-ORANGE BELLY3 Inch$6.4919 In Stock
RT559 - 051875125596CALI CRAW3 Inch$6.492 In Stock
RT564 - 051875125640RD/HD GLASS3 Inch$6.494 In Stock
RT09 - 051875120096Chartreuse Black Back3 Inch$6.498 In Stock
RT573 - 051875125732TENN SHAD TRANS-P3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT110 - 051875121109Tequila Sunrise3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT576 - 051875125763GREEN TIGER3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT114 - 051875121147PUMPKIN SEED3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT594 - 051875125947Ghost Minnow3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT141 - 051875221410CHROME CHARTREUSE3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT610 - 051875126104YOCUM SHAD3 Inch$6.492 In Stock
RT17 - 051875120171PARROT3 Inch$6.495 In Stock
RT611 - 051875126111Summer Sexy Shad3 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
RT18 - 051875120188RAINBOW TROUT3 Inch$6.4910 In Stock
RT612 - 051875126128Ayu3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT22 - 051875120225Fire Tiger3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RT613 - 051875126135Pro Blue3 Inch$6.495 In Stock
RT24 - 051875120249CHARTREUSE CRAWDAD3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT616 - 051875126166SWAMP CRAW3 Inch$6.498 In Stock
RT25 - 051875120256CHROME BLACK BACK3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT617 - 051875126173GOLDFIRE CRAW3 Inch$6.494 In Stock
RT251 - 051875122519CHINQUAPIN3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT621 - 051875126210Ghost Shad3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RT252 - 051875122526GREEN SUNFISH3 Inch$6.4917 In Stock
RTC2 - 051875160023BLEEDING SHINER CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.4914 In Stock
RT253 - 051875122533SUNRISE PERCH3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RTC3 - 051875160030BLUEGILL CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.4910 In Stock
RT08BC - 051875128085RED DOG RED CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT254 - 051875122540STUMP KNOCKER3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT255 - 051875122557BLUEBERRY PERCH3 Inch$6.495 In Stock
RT257 - 051875122571Sexy Sunfish3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RT258 - 051875122588Barfish3 Inch$6.496 In Stock
RT25B - 051875121253CHROME BLUE BACK3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT25G - 051875122250CHROME GREEN BACK3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT25P - 051875123257CHROME PURPLE BACK3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT25PL - 051875125251PLAIN CHROME3 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
RT25SP - 051875129259LAKE FORK SPECIAL3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RT26 - 051875120263GOLD3 Inch$6.4914 In Stock
RT261 - 051875122618FATHEAD MINNOW3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT262 - 051875122625COTTON CANDY CRAW3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RT263 - 051875122632Candy Craw3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT264 - 051875122649PINCH'N PEACH3 Inch$6.495 In Stock
RT266 - 051875122663OXBOW3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT26B - 051875129679GOLD BLUE BACK3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RT27 - 051875120270ORANGE CRAWDAD3 Inch$6.4917 In Stock
RT275 - 051875122755Baby Bass3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT282 - 051875122823RAINBOW TROUT3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT283 - 051875122830BROWN TROUT3 Inch$6.498 In Stock
RT284 - 051875122847Yellow Perch3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT286 - 051875122861BLUE BACK HERRING3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT287 - 051875122878Gizzard Shad3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT288 - 051875122885CHERRY CRAW3 Inch$6.495 In Stock
RT30 - 051875120300YEARLING BASS3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT308 - 051875223087CHARTREUSE FLASH3 Inch$6.4910 In Stock
RT30OB - 051875121307YEARLING BASS-ORANGE BELLY3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT315 - 051875123158ROOT BEER3 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
RT318 - 051875123189CHARTREUSE PURPLE3 Inch$6.492 In Stock
RT37 - 051875120379Bleeding Shiner3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT370 - 051875123707CHROME BLEEDING SHAD3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT371 - 051875123714GOLD BLEEDING SHAD3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT372 - 051875123721CHROME BLUE BLEEDING SHAD3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT373 - 051875123738CHARTREUSE BLEEDING SHAD3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT376 - 051875123769WHITE BLEEDING SHAD3 Inch$6.4918 In Stock
RT379 - 051875123790BLOOD LINE SHAD - RH3 Inch$6.497 In Stock
RT37C - 051875121376BLEEDING SHINER ON CHROME3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT381 - 051875123813ICE BLUE SHAD - RH3 Inch$6.4918 In Stock
RT382 - 051875123820DIAMOND DUST - RH3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT383 - 051875123837C31 Z CHROME - RH3 Inch$6.4916 In Stock
RT384 - 051875123844CHROME BLACK BACK BLEEDINGSHAD3 Inch$6.497 In Stock
RT39 - 051875120393GOLD TENNESSEE SHAD CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.496 In Stock
RT391 - 051875123912NATURAL RED BLEEDING CRAW3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RT39C - 051875121390GOLD TENNESSEE ON CHROME3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT39G - 051875122397GOLD TENNESSEE SHAD ON GOLD3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT40 - 051875120409SILVER TENN SHAD3 Inch$6.498 In Stock
RT414 - 051875214146BLUE GILL3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT46C - 051875123462CHARTREUSE CRAWFISH3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT46N - 051875121468NATURAL CRAWFISH3 Inch$6.4918 In Stock
RT46OW - 051875120461CRAWFISH/OLD WAY CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT46R - 051875124469Red Crawfish3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT46WH - 051875120546WHITE CRAWFISH3 Inch$6.498 In Stock
RT48 - 051875120485RED CRAWFISH/CHART. BELLY3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT502 - 051875125022TRANSPARENT3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT505 - 051875125053CHARBLUE FLASH3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT506 - 051875125060SEXY PRISM3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT507 - 051875125077LIV-N-CHROME3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT509 - 051875125091Natural Shad3 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
RT52 - 051875120522Chartreuse Shiner3 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
RT520 - 051875125206SEXY WEST3 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
RT520C - 051875215204SEXY CHROME3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT520G - 051875225203SEXY GOLD3 Inch$6.4915 In Stock
RT521 - 051875125213TOLEDO GOLD3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT522 - 051875125220ROYALE3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT523 - 051875125237Pumpkin Craw3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT524 - 051875125244CREOLE CRAW3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT527 - 051875125275HONEY CRAW3 Inch$6.4910 In Stock
RT53 - 051875120577DIAMOND DUST3 Inch$6.494 In Stock
RT532 - 051875125329RAYBURN RED ZOMBIE3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT533 - 051875125336LAKE FORK ZOMBIE3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT537 - 051875123370WHITE ZOMBIE3 Inch$6.4917 In Stock
RT538 - 051875125381SEXY ZOMBIE3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RT540 - 051875125404CHROME BLACK ZOMBIE3 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
RT55 - 051875120591APRICOT3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT560 - 051875125602WHITE BONE NOVA3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RT561 - 051875125619BLACK BONE NOVA3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT562 - 051875125626SEXY BONE NOVA3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT566 - 051875125664WHITE GLASS3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT567 - 051875125671BLEEDING NOVA TRANSPARENT3 Inch$6.498 In Stock
RT570 - 051875125701NOVA CLOWN3 Inch$6.495 In Stock
RT572 - 051875125725Z NOVA3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT577 - 051875125770PURPLE LIGHT TIGER3 Inch$6.4910 In Stock
RT580 - 051875125800CHART/RED LIGHT TIGER3 Inch$6.4915 In Stock
RT582 - 051875125824BER TRAP3 Inch$6.497 In Stock
RT587 - 051875125879RAYBURN RED CRAW3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT588 - 051875125886WINTER CRAW3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT60 - 051875120607Shad3 Inch$6.492 In Stock
RT601 - 051875126012RETRO CRAW3 Inch$6.4910 In Stock
RT630 - 051875126302BLACK CHERRY CRAW3 Inch$6.4914 In Stock
RT631 - 051875126319MEAN GREEN CRAW3 Inch$6.4917 In Stock
RT632 - 051875126326BLUE BLOOD SHAD3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT633 - 051875126333GOLD MINE SHAD3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT634 - 051875126340ROYAL RED SHAD3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT635 - 051875126357MELON SHAD3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT636 - 051875126364HALO BASS3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT637 - 051875126371RAINBOW PERCH3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT638 - 051875126388WHITE CRAPPIE3 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
RT639 - 051875126395BLACK CRAPPIE3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT640 - 051875126401CHROME-GOLD BONES3 Inch$6.494 In Stock
RT641 - 051875126418CHROME-RED BONES3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT642 - 051875126425RAYBURN-GOLD BONES3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT643 - 051875126432RETRO RED BONES3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT644 - 051875126449TIGER-CRAW OL' WAY3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT645 - 051875126456RAYBURN TIGER-CRAW3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT646 - 051875126463ORANGE TIGER-CRAW3 Inch$6.495 In Stock
RT647 - 051875126470SUNRISE SHAD3 Inch$6.494 In Stock
RT648 - 051875126487BRIGHT BELLY SHAD3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT649 - 051875126494WINTERGREEN SHAD3 Inch$6.498 In Stock
RT654 - 051875126548CHERRY BOMB3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT68 - 051875120683WILD SHINER3 Inch$6.4910 In Stock
RT690 - 051875126906BLOODY SHINER BONES3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT691 - 051875126913PEPPERMINT BONES3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT820 - 051875128207RED CHROME/SOLID3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RT832 - 051875128320CHARTREUSE/BLUE SPARKLE3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT836 - 051875128368SILVERADO SPARKLE3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT97 - 051875120973RED HEAD UNCLE TED3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RTGLOW - 051875122069GLOW-GREEN BACK3 Inch$6.4913 In Stock
RTL1 - 051875170015LECTRIC SILVER3 Inch$6.497 In Stock
RTL2 - 051875170022LECTRIC GOLD3 Inch$6.4918 In Stock
RTL3 - 051875170039LECTRIC BLEEDING SHINER3 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
RTL6 - 051875170060LECTRIC RED3 Inch$6.4914 In Stock
RTSY1 - 051875100012CHROME SHAD3 Inch$6.4916 In Stock
RTSY2 - 051875100029GOLD SHAD3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RTSY3 - 051875100036White Shad3 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
RTSY5 - 051875100050Chartreuse Shad3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RTSY8 - 051875100081Red Shad3 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
RT112 - 051875121123CRANAPPLE CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.494 In Stock
RT113 - 051875121130JUNE BUG CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT12 - 051875120126PERCH SCALE CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.497 In Stock
RT132 - 051875221328COPPER/BROWN BACK/RED BELLY CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.493 In Stock
RT146 - 051875221465AVACADO HALO3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT260 - 051875122601BLUE SHINER3 Inch$6.491 In Stock
RT290 - 051875122908AMERICAN SHAD3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT291 - 051875122915CHARTREUSE SILVER SHAD3 Inch$6.499 In Stock
RT292 - 051875122922PURPLE SHAD3 Inch$6.4912 In Stock
RT293 - 051875122939SILVER SHAD3 Inch$6.492 In Stock
RT294 - 051875122946Olive Shad3 Inch$6.492 In Stock
RT295 - 051875122953PUMPKIN PERCH3 Inch$6.4910 In Stock
RT296 - 051875122960Warmouth3 Inch$6.4914 In Stock
RT50OW - 051875120508SPRING BREAM/OLD WAY CLASSIC SERIES3 Inch$6.497 In Stock
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