Rat-L-Trap Crankbait Lipless Rattle – Magnum 3.5 Inch (MG)



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MG141 - 051875441412CHROME CHARTREUSE3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MG532 - 051875345321RAYBURN RED ZOMBIE3.5 inch$5.5910 In Stock
MG22 - 051875340227Fire Tiger3.5 inch$5.6910 In Stock
MG538 - 051875345383SEXY ZOMBIE3.5 inch$5.5910 In Stock
MG25 - 051875340258CHROME BLACK BACK3.5 inch$5.597 In Stock
MG587 - 051875345871RAYBURN RED CRAW3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MG25B - 051875341255CHROME BLUE BACK3.5 inch$5.5920+ In Stock
MG601 - 051875346014RETRO CRAW3.5 inch$5.59Out of StockOut of Stock
MG25G - 051875342252CHROME GREEN BACK3.5 inch$5.693 In Stock
MG654 - 051875346540CHERRY BOMB3.5 inch$6.08Out of StockOut of Stock
MG25SP - 051875349251LAKE FORK SPECIAL3.5 inch$5.5911 In Stock
MG836 - 051875348360SILVERADO SPARKLE3.5 inch$5.592 In Stock
MG26 - 051875340265GOLD3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MG97 - 051875340975RED HEAD UNCLE TED3.5 inch$5.59Out of StockOut of Stock
MG27 - 051875340272ORANGE CRAWDAD3.5 inch$5.697 In Stock
MGGLOW - 051875342061GLOW-GREEN BACK3.5 inch$5.5919 In Stock
MG286 - 051875342863BLUE BACK HERRING3.5 inch$5.595 In Stock
MGL1 - 051875173412LECTRIC SILVER3.5 inch$5.5918 In Stock
MG287 - 051875342870Gizzard Shad3.5 inch$5.5915 In Stock
MGL2 - 051875173429LECTRIC GOLD3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MG288 - 051875342887CHERRY CRAW3.5 inch$5.595 In Stock
MGL6 - 051875173467LECTRIC RED3.5 inch$5.691 In Stock
MG308 - 051875343082CHARTREUSE FLASH3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MGSY1 - 051875103419CHROME SHAD3.5 inch$5.6914 In Stock
MG37 - 051875340371Bleeding Shiner3.5 inch$5.6914 In Stock
MGSY8 - 051875103488Red Shad3.5 inch$5.597 In Stock
MG372 - 051875343723CHROME BLUE BLEEDING SHAD3.5 inch$5.59Out of StockOut of Stock
MGW1 - 051875349114CHROME BLUE-BLACK STRIPE3.5 inch$5.597 In Stock
MG376 - 051875343761WHITE BLEEDING SHAD3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MGWY - 051875440002WHITE-YELLOWEYE3.5 inch$5.592 In Stock
MG379 - 051875343792BLOOD LINE SHAD - RH3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MG381 - 051875343815ICE BLUE SHAD - RH3.5 inch$5.5920+ In Stock
MG383 - 051875343839C31 Z CHROME - RH3.5 inch$5.691 In Stock
MG39C - 051875341392GOLD TENNESSEE SHAD-CHROME3.5 inch$6.08Out of StockOut of Stock
MG414 - 051875344140HD BLUEGILL3.5 inch$5.597 In Stock
MG46R - 051875344461Red Crawfish3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MG48 - 051875340487RED CHARTREUSE BELLY3.5 inch$5.59Out of StockOut of Stock
MG52 - 051875340524Chartreuse Shiner3.5 inch$5.594 In Stock
MG520 - 051875345208SEXY WEST3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MG521 - 051875345215TOLEDO GOLD3.5 inch$5.591 In Stock
MG53 - 051875340739DIAMOND DUST3.5 inch$5.594 In Stock
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