Mizmo Tubes – Bass and Walleye – 2.75 Inch Teasers (TT-12PK)


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MIZMO-TT-12PK-30406 - 673680304067Black with Blue Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30404 - 673680304043Black with Red Neon Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30419 - 673680304197Chartreuse2.75 inch$3.4814 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30447 - 673680304470Crawdad - Natural Brown2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30429 - 673680304296Crawdad - Natural Olive Green2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30455 - 673680304555Crawdad with Blue Tail2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30481 - 673680304814Crawfish with Purple Tail2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30451 - 673680304517Emerald Shiner with Green Myst Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30496 - 673680304968Goby with Purple & Gold Flake2.75 inch$3.4819 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30465 - 673680304654Green Pumpkin with Black Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30486 - 673680304869Green Pumpkin with Fizz Clear Tail2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30405 - 673680304050Green Pumpkin with Penrod Purple Flake2.75 inch$3.4819 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30432 - 673680304326Junebug Purple with Emerald Green Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30462 - 673680304623Minnow - Sculpin Sand Darter2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30403 - 673680304036Minnow - White Illusion Baitfish2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30495 - 673680304951Pink Translucent Cotton Candy2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30424 - 673680304241Pumpkin with Chartreuse Pepper Tail2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30415 - 673680304159Pumpkinseed2.75 inch$3.4819 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30454 - 673680304548Red Brown with Green Pumpkin Flake2.75 inch$3.483 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30410 - 673680304104Road Kill Camo2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30443 - 673680304432Road Kill Camo with Blue & Gold Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30498 - 673680304982Rootbeer with Green & Purple Flake2.75 inch$3.486 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30400 - 673680304005Shad - Ghost White2.75 inch$3.4811 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30499 - 673680304999Shad - Smokey2.75 inch$3.4814 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30412 - 673680304128Smoke Dark with Red Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30436 - 673680304364Smoke Light with Copper Flake2.75 inch$3.4815 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30409 - 673680304098Watermelon Dark with Red Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30491 - 673680304913Watermelon Faded Light with Black Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30408 - 673680304081Watermelon Seed2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30458 - 673680304586Watermelon with Bleeding Red Pepper Tail2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30492 - 673680304920Watermelon with Candy Flake2.75 inch$3.4818 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30423 - 673680304234Watermelon with Chartreuse Pepper Tail2.75 inch$3.4812 In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30488 - 673680304883Craw with Irish Coffee Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30456 - 673680304562Green Pumpkin Light with Knappy Blue Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30448 - 673680304487Pink Bubble Gum2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
MIZMO-TT-12PK-30489 - 673680304890Watermelon Faded Light with Red Flake2.75 inch$3.4820+ In Stock
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