Gary Yamamoto Senko – 4 Inch (9S-10)


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9S-10-009 - 783670046676Red w/ Red Flake4 inch$6.997 In Stock
9S-10-908 - 783670072170Pink / Rainbow Trout Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-020 - 783670046683Black4 inch$6.9911 In Stock
9S-10-909 - 783670072187Chartreuse / White Cream Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.998 In Stock
9S-10-021 - 783670048052Black w/ Blue Flake4 inch$6.998 In Stock
9S-10-912 - 783670075263Green Pumpkin / Watemelon Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9919 In Stock
9S-10-031 - 783670046690Pearl Blue w/ Silver Flake4 inch$6.9912 In Stock
9S-10-925 - 783670102112Green Pumpkin Red / Faded Watermelon Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9917 In Stock
9S-10-036 - 783670046706White Cream4 inch$6.9911 In Stock
9S-10-926 - 783670102129Green Pumpkin Dark / Transparent Amber Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.995 In Stock
9S-10-042 - 783670046713Watermelon4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-927 - 783670102174Smoke Purple / Pearl Blue Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.999 In Stock
9S-10-150 - 783670046720Smoke w/ Black Flake4 inch$6.999 In Stock
9S-10-953 - 783670141951Smoke Purple / Watermelon Blue Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9911 In Stock
9S-10-157 - 783670046737Smoke w/ Purple Flake4 inch$6.9914 In Stock
9S-10-955 - 783670141975Watermelonseed / Melon Light Red Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-159 - 783670046744Blue Black w/ Chartreuse Flake4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-956 - 783670141982Watermelon Copper / Crawdad Orange Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-169 - 783670046751Chartreuse w/ Green Flake4 inch$6.9917 In Stock
9S-10-963 - 783670148899Gooseberry / Black Grape Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.995 In Stock
9S-10-194 - 783670047222Watermelon /Black Flk4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-964 - 783670148905Watermelon Slice / Black Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-194J - 783670055975Watermelon Blk Flk4 inch$6.997 In Stock
9S-10-967 - 783670152230Goby / Amber Purple Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9912 In Stock
9S-10-196 - 783670046775Pumpkin w/ Green & Black Flake4 inch$6.997 In Stock
9S-10-968 - 783670152520Perch / Amber Chartreuse Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.993 In Stock
9S-10-208 - 783670070565Watermelon w/ Red & Black Flake4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-979 - 783670158072Houdini / Shad Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9910 In Stock
9S-10-213 - 783670070572Junebug Purple w/ Emerald Green Flake4 inch$6.9910 In Stock
9S-10-981 - 783670158683Green Pumpkin / White Cream Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.994 In Stock
9S-10-214 - 783670073825Smoke w/ Blue & Gold Flake4 inch$6.9914 In Stock
9S-10-221 - 783670070589Cinnamon Brown w/ Purple Flake4 inch$6.9918 In Stock
9S-10-229 - 783670046799Pink Bubble Gum4 inch$6.9914 In Stock
9S-10-234 - 783670046805Purple Pearl w/ Blue Flake4 inch$6.9912 In Stock
9S-10-236 - 783670073450Smoke Rootbeer w/ Green & Copper Flake4 inch$6.997 In Stock
9S-10-239 - 783670046836Pearl Blue w/ Hologram Flake4 inch$6.995 In Stock
9S-10-241 - 783670046850Cinnamon Brown4 inch$6.9915 In Stock
9S-10-297 - 783670049097Green Pumpkin w/ Black Flake4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-301 - 783670072330Green Pumpkin w/ Purple Flake4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-305 - 783670072156Baby Bass4 inch$6.9916 In Stock
9S-10-306 - 783670072163Natural Shad4 inch$6.9917 In Stock
9S-10-323 - 783670073771Watermelon w/ Gold & Black Flake4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-329 - 783670089772Fading Watermelon w/ Purple Flake4 inch$6.9911 In Stock
9S-10-330 - 783670094639Green Pumpkin w/ Copper & Purple Flake4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-354 - 783670142828Watermelon Magic4 inch$6.994 In Stock
9S-10-355 - 783670142835Green Pumpkin Magic4 inch$6.9911 In Stock
9S-10-357 - 783670141920Green Pumpkin Faded Light w/ Red Flake4 inch$6.994 In Stock
9S-10-361 - 783670143023Watermelon Magic w/ Red Flake4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-375 - 783670148769Disco Green4 inch$6.9913 In Stock
9S-10-376 - 783670148974Watermelon Violet4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-386 - 783670156900B-Bug Grinder4 inch$6.9915 In Stock
9S-10-388 - 783670156924Dirty Plum4 inch$6.997 In Stock
9S-10-900 - 783670070428Red Shad Lam4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-901 - 783670070756Wtrmln/Cream Lam4 inch$6.9920+ In Stock
9S-10-904 - 783670070763Black / Red Shad Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.996 In Stock
9S-10-906 - 783670070770Watermelon / White Cream Laminate Two Tone4 inch$6.9912 In Stock
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