Gary Yamamoto Creature Bait – Flappin Hog 4.5 Inch (FHL-05)

The Gary Yamamoto 4.5″ Flappin Hog (FHL-05) is a soft plastic creature bait. This bait features salt flavor, a ribbed body, and various appendages to create a life-like action. The tail section is hollow to make for easy hook penetration while flipping and pitching.

Additional Information & Fishing Tips

Additional Information & Fishing Tips

  • The Gary Yamamoto 4.5″ Flappin Hog (FHL-05) comes in a package of of five (5 each) creatures baits
  • 4.5 inches in length
  • Salt flavor
  • A perfect bait for flipping and pitching

4″ Mermaid (138-07)4″ Cowboy (136-07)5″ Sanshouo Lizard (133-06)

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:


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01_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_black_with_blue_flake_fhl-05-021FHL-05-021 - 783670141708Black with Blue Flake4.5 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
02_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_black_with_red_flake_fhl-05-051FHL-05-051 - 783670141715Black with Red Flake4.5 Inch$6.493 In Stock
03_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_watermelon_with_red_and_black_flake_fhl-05-208FHL-05-208 - 783670141722Watermelon with Red and Black Flake4.5 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
04_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_green_pumpkin_with_black_flake_fhl-05-297FHL-05-297 - 783670141739Green Pumpkin with Black Flake4.5 Inch$6.492 In Stock
05_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_green_pumpkin_with_purple_flake_fhl-05-301FHL-05-301 - 783670141746Green Pumpkin with Purple Flake4.5 Inch$6.4917 In Stock
06_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_green_pumpkin_with_red_flake_fhl-05-318FHL-05-318 - 783670141753Green Pumpkin with Red Flake4.5 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
07_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_green_pumpkin_with_copper_and_purple_flake_fhl-05-330FHL-05-330 - 783670141760Green Pumpkin with Copper and Purple Flake4.5 Inch$6.4911 In Stock
08_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_b-bug_grinder_fhl-05-386FHL-05-386 - 783670156993B-Bug Grinder4.5 Inch$6.4914 In Stock
09_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_mowed_sprayed_grass_fhl-05-387FHL-05-387 - 783670157006Mowed Sprayed Grass4.5 Inch$6.499 In Stock
10_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_dirty_plum_fhl-05-388FHL-05-388 - 783670157013Dirty Plum4.5 Inch$6.4915 In Stock
11_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_bama_bug_purple_green_pumpkin_laminate_two_tone_fhl-05-952FHL-05-952 - 783670141777Bama Bug Purple / Green Pumpkin Laminate Two Tone4.5 Inch$6.4914 In Stock
12_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_smoke_purple_watermelon_blue_laminate_two_tone_fhl-05-953FHL-05-953 - 783670141784Smoke Purple / Watermelon Blue Laminate Two Tone4.5 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
13_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_watermelonseed_melon_light_red_laminate_two_tone_fhl-05-955FHL-05-955 - 783670141807Watermelonseed / Melon Light Red Laminate Two Tone4.5 Inch$6.4920+ In Stock
14_yamamoto_creature_bait_flappin_hog_45_inch_watermelon_copper_crawdad_orange_laminate_two_tone_fhl-05-956FHL-05-956 - 783670141814Watermelon Copper / Crawdad Orange Laminate Two Tone4.5 Inch$6.49Out of StockOut of Stock
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Texas-Rigging a Flappin Hog

The Gary Yamamoto Flappin Hog



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