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Delivery And Shipping


From the time your order is placed and payment has cleared, we strive to meet a guarantee of your order being ready for carrier pick-up within 24 business hours, most of the times much faster. Fishermens Heaven is pleased to offer you a NO CHARGE shipping program when your total order exceeds $40.00 USD. Any order that meets this standard will ship via USPS First Class Economy Ground. It is also important to note that all shipments default to the slower USPS Economy Ground standard, unless YOU specifically choose one of the other available quicker options such as USPS Priority or USPS Express. USPS First Class Economy Standard Ground, depending on the weight of your package as well as your postal zone, is taking anywhere between 3-7 business days (Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Not Included). Please note that Fishermens Heaven is NOT capable of controlling outside vendors such as shipping carriers and therefore we cannot guarantee package arrival times, with USPS First Class. All customers will receive tracking information within your order status e-mails.
If you need a more expedited “out the door” time frame, please consider choosing one of the other available quicker options.
You can choose USPS PRIORITY, which you will pay for, but by choosing this option, your order will be given expedited “Pick-n-Pull” processing, arrival time to you, depending on Postal Zone, of between 2-3 business days within the Continental USA, once the carrier has picked up your package from our store. For those customers choosing the USPS PRIORITY shipping option, Fishermens Heaven staff will do everything in their power to process your order, having it ready for the carrier to pick up within 8 business hours of you having placed the order, and payment having cleared, often times much faster than that. Except for the additional cost of the shipping, Fishermens Heaven does not charge for the expedited pick and pull processing portion of this service. Costs are calculated as shown when selected, based on the weight based rates as provided to all retailers by the carriers.
For those customers choosing the USPS EXPRESS shipping option, who place their orders by no later than 10:00am E.S.T., Fishermens Heaven will GUARANTEE to process your order within 4 business hours from the time we receive it, having it ready for the carrier to pick up that same business day. From there, arrival to you we CANNOT guarantee, as we have no control over these outside third party carriers BUT the carrier themselves may make a GUARANTEE, which of course we would expect them to honor, and for you to hold them to. Availability of OVERNIGHT GUARANTEED option is totally dependent on the zip code of where the package is being sent but EXPRESS has been reliable to arrive within 1 business day anywhere within the Continental USA. There is even the possibility of arrival for Saturday delivery, if that option is needed, selected and paid for. Again, please realize that time of delivery starts once the carrier has officially picked up the package(s) from Fishermens Heaven and from there, we are not responsible for packages and delivery times or guarantees once the carrier has the package(s). If there is any challenge in late arrival, we highly recommend and will support you with documentation where possible, to file a direct claim against the carrier but per the carrier’s rules, you, the recipient, must be the one to start the process. We will always provide tracking information, which you get thru your Order Status Update e-mails, and for USPS EXPRESS, tracking time is usually shown real time.
With regards to insured delivery, only Priority and Express shipped items receive coverage for loss or damage by the carrier, not USPS First Class. Priority will receive coverage of up to $100.00 while Express will cover the value of the first $250.00 of the shipment. By placing your order, you agree to the fact that Fishermens Heaven will have met its burden of proof of shipment to you of your package where Fishermens Heaven can provide documented online delivery receipt confirmation from the shipping carrier of delivery of the package(s) to you the customer. In a world of multi-tasking, third party vendors and changing common carriers, we find it better to be safe than sorry and thus, highly recommend you select Priority or Express if you need an item insured. If you do select Priority or Express and a package does arrive damaged, please contact us within 24 hours at our customer service email, with all the details so we can begin the process of helping you file the claim with the carrier. Per the rules of the carrier, YOU, the receiving customer, are the responsible party for initiating the filing of the claim. In the event of the arrival of damaged product, YOU are responsible for keeping all ORIGINAL packaging as well as paperwork as it will be needed to verify authenticity of claim with the carrier. In addition, we highly recommend you take any supporting photos. Without documentation, your claim will not be filed.


We are happy to provide shipping for any of our international clientele, where your address is capable of being internationally VERIFIED by PayPal and/or the US Postal Service. You can choose, and will pay for exact weight based charges with regards to your selection of USPS First Class International, Priority International or Express International shipment options, based on your need in relation to what you want for time of arrival. Please take into consideration that all international packages MUST go thru our US outbound as well as your countries in-bound customs processing, which may or may not add up to 15-45 additional business days to your packages arrival time. If applicable to your country, all customs and import taxes are NOT PREPAID and are the sole responsibility of you as the buyer, once the package arrives in your country. Fishermens Heaven will not intentionally miss-represent any information within customs paperwork, so please do not ask us to, as this puts us as the seller and you as the buyer, in a potential legal bind. All international purchases MUST be processed in UNITED STATES CURRENCY funds thru our payment processor, PayPal. For countries where payment by credit card thru PayPal is not possible, you the customer, would need to send a certified bank cashier’s check or international money order, in UNITED STATES CURRENCY, and your order would not be released for shipment until that payment was authenticated and cleared depositing into our bank account. All shipping, special upgrades and oversized (longer than 106cm) or overweight handling charges are responsibility of buyer. Since so few insurance claims are honored by foreign countries, insurance on shipments is NOT an option, UNLESS you select the USPS EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL option, in which you are covered under their policy and standards. In addition, Fishermens Heaven will have met its burden of proof of shipment where it can provide a stamped and dated customs declaration form and/or receipt from the shipping carrier. While you will always be able to see tracking of your package out from our store up to the point of outbound US customs with regards to USPS First Class International, tracking information beyond that is not available and therefore no arrival times can be guaranteed for any international shipment utilizing USPS First Class. USPS Priority and Express provide most foreign countries with full outbound and inbound tracking. We will always provide tracking information and/or customs declaration numbers, which you can get thru your Order Status Update e-mails.


On orders consisting of products from multiple manufacturers, or in the case of orders such as those with oversized items such as rods, tackle boxes, heavier items, etc… you may receive multiple packages per order, as deemed necessary by Fishermen’s Heaven store staff. This is done to insure either speed of fulfillment processing due to in-store backorders, to allow us to ship product out of various stores or directly from our one of our suppliers or to preserve the quality of the merchandise where the chance of breakage is deemed as a possibility. However, we CANNOT ship to MULTIPLE LOCATIONS within one single order as everything must be shipped to the same address. If you want different items shipped to separate addresses (gifts for family or friends, hotel locations for tournaments, work locations, etc…), you will need to place and process separate orders for every new address.


With the Fishermens Heaven site, the inventory you see as available when you select a model/size/color is the inventory amount you can order, and we have in stock. Fishermens Heaven prides itself on its fill rate, one of the best in the industry at over 99.44% but in the rare instance where our automated inventory control software shows an item to be available, but we end up being out of stock on a store peg for that item, we will apply an immediate refund back to you (of only the cost of that product minus any coupon discounts) that we were not able to ship and proceed to send remaining items within order that were available. Fishermens Heaven does not keep any orders on a backorder status but you as a customer can request to be notified by e-mail when an item comes back into stock.
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